kathy king2015Kathy King, LMT

I have been with the Tracy & Keim Chiropractic since 1977, and feel truly blessed to have worked with such caring and wonderful Doctors and staff. It’s the only place I have ever worked! I became licensed as an L.M.T. in 1983 and have incorporated a variety of massage techniques into my practice over the years. Orthopedic Massage, Applied Kinesiology, Muscle Energy Technique, Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Neuromuscular Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage and Touch for Health to name a few. One of my favorite treatments is Meridian Balancing, which helps to remove blocked energy flow in the body. Meridians are the pathways or “circuits” that move energy through our bodies. Using muscle testing I can assess the Meridians and Chakras (energy centers of the body), and use acupressure points and hands on work to restore balance. I am also trained in Second Degree Usui Reiki. This wonderfully relaxing technique can facilitate healing by bringing universal life energy into the body.

Most of all I love working with people, and I love being at Tracy & Keim Chiropractic. We all take pride in providing a supportive and nurturing environment for our patients and for ourselves. Our patients tell us all the time that they love the energy of our clinic!

One of my favorite hobbies is soap making and aromatherapy. I have all natural handmade soaps and custom blended aromatherapy products available for purchase at our clinic. I also enjoy traveling with my husband, swimming, boating, gardening, and spending time with my three beautiful granddaughters.