tracey medSharell Tracy, D.C.

When you become my patient you get the benefit of my 37 years of experience and my 37 years of continuing education. You also get treated the way I like to be treated when I am a patient.

When I was fresh out of college and broke, I knew the only way I could be ethical and charge for my services was to give my best every time. I made a commitment to myself that I would treat every patient the way I would want to be treated if I were the patient and paying the fee. The skills I offer you are a direct result of that decision, I have trained in the methods that I have found to be most effective for my own health. Applied Kenesiology allows me to ask your body what it needs, neuroemotional technique deals with the pain caused by stress and emotion, and Trigenics and ART are advanced methods to treat tight weak muscles in conjunction with adjustments.

I decided to be a chiropractor when I was 13 years old because I had heard my mother say on numerous occasions that she would never have been able to have raised her children if it hadn’t been for her chiropractor, that she would have been institutionalized. She suffered with severe migraines and when the vertebra at the base of her skull slipped off center, she would get very sick. Dad would help her to bed in a dark room, get her ice and heat and we kids had to be very quiet until she was better. When this happened, it wasn’t long before we were piled into the Model A and drove 500 miles to the chiropractor that took her migraines away. We made that trip from Albany, OR to San Jose, CA at least twice a year so Mom could have good health and I could have a Mom (and my Dad a wife). Needless to say, it made a huge impression on me. I learned early on to appreciate the destruction of a subluxation, and the miracle of an adjustment.

I decided to be a chiropractor, so I could help some little girl’s Mom be able to raise her.
I am not sure how a 13year old could have had the wisdom to choose her life’s career, but chiropractic has been a most gratifying, enjoyable, and enlightening career. I am grateful to be in such an ethical and caring profession.

We really have the best of medicine. It is probably the safest form of healthcare, our license doesn’t allow us to prescribe drugs, therefore we are limited to our hands, our knowledge, our experience, our expertise and a few tools to relieve our patients’ complaints. And if you can judge by the number of times through the years my patients finish their appointment with a comment such as “Ahh, you worked your magic again” or “You are my own personal miracle worker” I would say our patients have appreciated the safe effective care they receive too.

After finishing pre-medicine basics, I went to Palmer Chiropractic College in Davenport, Iowa. Iowa has cold winters, hot humid summers, corn, hogs, and the founders of Chiropractic! The Mississippi River was frozen solid, and temperatures dipped 17° below zero my first day in Davenport. But I received my diploma and returned to Oregon to complete my schooling at Western States Chiropractic College, and my licensure in Oregon. After a year internship with Dr. Richard Scofield, I started my own practice in Eugene where I have enjoyed my patients and their many challenges.

About those little girls’ Moms, I have had the privilege of helping numerous moms with their headaches. Equally gratifying, I have treated many little girls and little boys. To restore a child’s hearing, to fix a neck too weak to hold a tiny head up, to stop the screaming when they are laid on their tummy, or stop the pain that causes them to never be content is one of the most gratifying and yet humbling gifts in my experience. Just last month, a patient whom I had not seen in over twenty two years, came in and reminded me that 23 years ago I had adjusted her infant son who was losing weight and couldn’t keep food down, and we had saved him from exploratory stomach surgery. Who wouldn’t love a job like mine?

My life was hell for a year after an auto accident. Sick headaches made it impossible to care for my children or home. Chiropractic adjustments turned my life and my health around. I am very grateful. There are doctors and there are caring doctors; Dr. Tracy is a very caring doctor. Back when I was still getting my sick headaches, she actually went to her office one Thanksgiving morning to help me out of my pain.
Thane, M., Eugene, OR