Brittney Hamilton, LMT

Brittney bio pic

Brittney has been practicing massage therapy since 2010. She recently and eagerly joined this team of gifted practitioners after moving to Eugene. She uses her intuitive approach to create a warm environment for the mind and body to unwind. Integrating a variety of Eastern and Western techniques in Swedish massage, deep tissue, facilitated stretching and joint mobilization, reflexology of the hands, feet and ears, myofascial release, trigger point work, energy work, cupping therapy, Gua-Sha tissue scraping - combining both light and more intense techniques to promote ease and optimal functioning.

Massage assists in the treatment of TMJ, chronic fatigue, migraine relief and prevention, pre and post natal care, preparing the body for high levels of endurance as well as recovery time following intense activity. Massage therapy assists and improves recovery from sprains, strains and the compounded pressures of life as well as alleviating postural dysfunctions associated with office work and regular computer work.

Outside of practicing massage therapy Brittney enjoys getting out to the beach, hiking, camping, rollerblading and spending time with her family.