Chiropractic Assistants

DSCN1801Amanda Stoddard, CA

Our manager, who also assists with the reception desk, is a Certified Chiropractic Assistant as well. Amanda has been with our clinic since 1992. and also was our patient before we asked her to join the staff. She, as well as all the front office staff, take great pride in treating our patients with a very caring nature, willing to help with any questions or concerns that they can. One of the reasons that our office staff really likes working at our clinic, is that we all get along so well! In fact we frequently have patients comment on the general good feeling that the staff generates in our reception room, and that “we all seem to really like each other.” And we do!

KimKim Melnychuk, CA

Kim wears several hats in our clinic. She helps at the reception desk, takes x-rays, assists with office bookkeeping duties, and is a Certified Chiropractic Assistant. Kim joined Tracy & Keim in 2004, and worked in another chiropractic office in the past. She also was Dr. Keim’s patient for 8 years before we asked her to join our staff. Kim has a great gift for humor that we all appreciate and enjoy on a daily basis.

DSCN1808Teresa Sloane, CA

From the moment I walked in the door I knew I wanted to work here. The energy is one of a kind and has notes of positivity, love and well-being. I am very happy and proud to be a part of this incredibly talented group.

I am the second pair of hands for the Doctors and Physical Therapist. I work in the back office assisting and performing therapies that are ordered by our Doctors. Not only are the Doctors extremely top notch, but they have carefully picked a supportive staff that I can say are quality individuals.

We are all energetic and spiritual beings. This energy is vital to our health both physically and mentally. Here at Tracy & Keim Chiropractic I have witnessed intense work and change on both the mind and body. I continue to be amazed every single day, and as I stated above...and very thankful to be a part of this wonderful, spiritual and talented group.